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How to prevent a certain cookie from being placed in my computer?

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Is there an extension, add-on, or facet of Firefox that would enable me to prevent a site from placing a certain cookie in my computer whilst allowing me to keep the rest of the cookies from that site?

Because Youtube's new layout is terrible, there's a cookie that's responsible for it, and I can't get rid of it without being logged out or it just adds it back in.

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If Use custom settings for history is chosen in Firefox Tools (Alt + T) > Options > Privacy, you can manually Block the site cookie in Exceptions.



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That doesn't work, as it blocks the entire site, preventing me from even logging in. I want a way to remove and prevent the logging of a specific cookie. Which you might have understood if you'd read my damn post.

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ooh, you can edit the cookie via Developer Toolbar (Shift + F2).

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Um...how? I have no idea whatsoever as to how to use the toolbar to accomplish this or any task.

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