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I have Vista and Google is my home page. But today Google wom't open anything in Firefox, but will in IE

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I have had Firefox on my Vista OS desktop for some time. When I start Firefox it opens Google as my home page. However, today I was not able to have anything open when typed into the Google search bar. Thinking it might be a Google problem I opened up Internet Explorer and accessed Google and brought up the main search screen. I typed something into the search bar and Google responded as expected. So the problem is not Google's but mine!

What have I done? I do not believe I have changed my settings but others have had access to this computer so I can't say for sure if something has been changed or not. I do not want to un-install/re-install Firefox for fear of losing my bookmarks and pre-set tabs.

Please advise!


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hello, in a first step please try to clear the cache & cookies from google.com and reload the page.

and keep your browser updated too ;-)