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how to open Yahoo mail attachments in firefox with cid prefix?

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When I receive Yahoo mails, with attachments containing cid prefix, I am unable to open them. I can neither click on them to open - as one can to open normal hyperlinks - nor can I copy and paste the string associated with the attachment, as the Firefox responds with a message that it does not know what program is needed to open the link. Thus I am not able to see the attachments. Since I receive many such mails from various sources, I miss a lot of information. Please tell me what I can do to overcome this difficulty. Many thanks in advance for all who try to help me. - - arasan77

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I've seen the cid prefix on images embedded in Microsoft Outlook HTML-format messages (from Outlook 2000 - 2003; haven't checked newer versions). When the message was composed, these images displayed inline in the body of the message. Can you get that to work by allowing images? If so, then you could right-click and use Save Image As to save those "attachments".

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Firefox doesn't support content-id images, so you will have to open such a mail in an e-mail program like Thunderbird to access images embedded that way.

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