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i wish there will be a choice to delete private data whenever i choose quit. so i don't have to go into setting just to delete private data. thanks

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i wish when i press quit there will be a choice whether i want to delete all the private data.it will be just like the desktop version where i can browse in private and close the browser without leaving any trace.

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This helps you to solve the problem

Goto Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History ->Click Remember History and "use custom settings for History ".

Mark tick -> Clear history when Firefox closes..

If you don't want to make use of history, cookies and etc...

mark tick/check -> Always make use Private browsing mode

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iamjayakumars this is a Firefox for Android question. You gave a desktop answer. The OP is correct in that there is no way to clear browser history on shutdown at this time on FxA.

Current nightly builds have private browsing tabs. These builds are for testing at this time. They may leak data or fail to clean data from the session. They are available at http://nightly.mozilla.org

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Open Firefox Nightly in your mobile, then Goto to Setting-> clear private data. You can make use of "Tell sites not to track me"

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Tell sites not to track me does not cover the issue OP wanted an answer about and they were already aware of the clear private data option.