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Since update firefox is autofilling BOTH usernames and passwords, How to get back to where I had to manually enter user name correctly BEFORE password autofill

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I cannot find a clear answer to this anywhere on the web, right now, on my sites - I don't even need to start typing in my username since it is already ALL pre-filled. disturbing...

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Hello yogster, Preferences window > Privacy panel > History > Firefox will > Use custom settings for history > UNCHECK Remember search and form history [ ]

Prevent Firefox from storing form entries

also : Preferences window > Security panel > Passwords > UNCHECK Remember passwords for sites [ ]


thank you

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Thank You Ideato for your very prompt response- I have done that and then restarted Firefox. But the issue persists. Can there be some other setting somewhere I am overlooking ? I am on mac 10.6.8.

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I have also removed problematic saved websites and passwords in password manager, again restarted computer and still, both my username and password field are 100% pre-filled when I land on log in pages.

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If you use the Password Manager then names and passwords are filled by the password manager.

If you do not want to store passwords, but only the name then you can consider using form-fill.

Note however that form-fill isn't site specific

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