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www.dcad.org does not support Firefox so I cannot view dcad maps?

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This site changed to a new host and claims they do not support Firefox and ever since the switch I cannot view dcad property maps from the website all else is works fine is there a way to overcome this? www.dcad.org By Address (Enter address number) 630 (Enter Street Name) jefferson (Enter City) lancaster (Click) Search (Choose an address #1 or #2) (When page information comes up click) DCAD Property Map This will open another page which is suppose to display map but is blank. Try in Internet Explorer which will display to see what should display. Thanks Gene

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hello, it looks like firefox' java script engine can't cope with the scripts on this site (there are also warnings showing up in the error console) - other browsers can render the page: http://browsershots.org/http://dcadmaps.dallascad.org/website/dcad/viewer.htm?ActiveLayer=0&QueryZoom=Yes&Query=ACCT=%2736000500690020000%27

as a workaround you could use the ietab addon when you view the site.

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That is a problem with backslashes in the image link that makes it impossible to retrieve that image.

Firefox makes this of it:

Should be:


You can also use this bookmarklet to fix the image link.

javascript:(function(){var S=/\\/g,R='/';function F(w){try{var i,a,e,E,r=1;e=w.document.getElementsByTagName('img');a='src';for(i=0;E=e[i];i++){if(S.test(unescape(E.getAttribute(a)))){E.setAttribute(a,unescape(E.getAttribute(a)).replace(S,R));c++;}}}catch(e){r=0}return(r)}F(self);var i,x;for(i=0;x=frames[i];++i)F(x);})()

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Best would be to contact the Website and ask them to fix the backslashes and change the image link to forward slashes.

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I do not think they want to do that. Is that the only answer? If so then everyone I know will be forced to keep using Internet Explorer which we had to switch to UG!

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The Slashy extension seems to look at the filepath part of the URL and doesn't work here.

Here is a fixed version of Slashy that works with the full URL.

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So how can I fix this or does the webmaster from that site need to? If so then they will not if I can fix on my end on Firefox then ok but how exactly??