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Pinch to zoom does not work. Firefox 15.0.1, Mac OS 10.7.4, how do I enable this?

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How do I enable pinch to zoom? I don't want to type in code in about:config. If there is not a setting I can change, I'll go back to Safari.

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Try this extension if you do not want to change the related browser.gesture.* prefs on the about:config page

Изменено cor-el

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In other words pinch to zoom doesn't work in Firefox.

I'm not adding any extensions. If it's not in the stock browser, I'm going back to Safari.

Sadly, I just had to stop using Google Chrome because of the constant Shockwave Flash errors.

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Hi Junebugapril

try in about:config

value    cmd_fullZoomReduce

value    cmd_fullZoomReset

value   cmd_fullZoomEnlarge

value  cmd_fullZoomReset

String all the above

thank you

Изменено cor-el

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Aren't there any of the browser.gesture.* prefs changed after installing the pinchy extension?

That is all what the extension does, so you do not have to do that yourself.
If the prefs are correct and zooming isn't working then something else is wrong.

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Cor-el, this should be a Firefox setting, not a script someone wrote. I'm going to unsubscribe from this post if possible.

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Firefox only comes with some basic settings accessible via the user interface.
For settings that aren't available via the user interface you have to make changes to the prefs or use an extension if there exist any.

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In other words junebugapril is a whiny little brat who can't understand that firefox is developed to work not only on OSX for mac and if she wants to copy safari she should either do as told or just keep safari.. it took the brat longer to register here to start this thread than the mere 1 minute to download the extension that works perfectly fine..

America is doomed with these idiots.

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I downloaded the add on to fix the problem. The zoom function only seems to work half the time however. For example, on chessmaniac.com the pinch zoom works fine. But on http://www.gamesheep.com/game/pool-multiplayer-online/ it doesnt work at all!

Please help!!! All I care about is the site where its not working.


Nevermind, it's working now!!!

Изменено JamesRook