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Usually only get this when I shut down. Sometimes I have to hit the shut off button which I dont like but my computer gets all the way down to a blank gray screen then hangs there if I dont hit the button. Other times my computer behaves and shuts down fine.

My tech skills are pretty high. I'm not a coder but I have fixed my own computer a few times.

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Try to disable all unneeded plugins to see if that helps.

You also have two Adobe Shockwave for Director plugins, so remove the older version and only keep the latest.

See also "Manually uninstalling a plugin":

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I have this problem on shut down, when it states that the program is not responding. When I click "end now", the computer shuts down. Next time I start, I can used email, but neither Firefox or Explorer will open. So how do I delete plug-ins without a browser?