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problems with youtube

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hi there i got this problem playing youtube videos.

ive have a laptop, and whenever i use an external mouse, and i move this mouse around on the youtube website, my videos freezes and lags like hell, so much that i have to close down firefox via the taskmanager.

the funny thing is that when i have that same external mouse plugged in, and i use IE to play youtube videos with, then there is NO problem at all.

so ive deduced that firefox must have a problem with using external mouse on a laptop.

to further test this i used youtube in firefox, with just the touch pad on the laptop, and no problem then ???

that dosent make sense

anyone knows of this ?

ive tried reinstalling bot mouse drivers and firefox, ive tried safemode, but still the same.

anyone can help ? ..

thanks in advance

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What mouse/driver are you using? This could be something specific to just that mouse drive we have to investigate.

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Hi Tyler. Well the mouse i was using is this : Razer Mamba. The driver is latest version.

Ive used another mouse as well, the one i use for my other computer a : Roccat Kone (+) <--- same problem there with youtube videos freezing and laggin as soon as i move the mouse around.

I can tell you ive further investigated this, its only when im moving the mouse around ont the site, you know when i activly use youtube, But when youtube is in the background ..or im on some other site, no laggin or anything, but as soon as youtube is brought to the front or as the active window, the laggin will start, the laggin is in the video ...not the sound ....

hope this helps somehow ?

just as reminder, whenever i use the internal touch pad of the laptop, no problem at all what so ever, only with external mouse is the problem there.

Thanks in advance.

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