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When I open Firefox, it goes to a blank page instead of google, like I had it set up. When I go to a bookmark, nothing. It won't load anything. HELP!

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When I open FF, it used to go to google. Now, I just get a blank page with the tab that says, "New Tab". When I click on the home button (suppose to go to google), it will change to "connecting..." for half a second but remain on the blank page returning to "New Tab". It is set to not use a proxy as it should be. It is not set to work offline. I do not have a firewall preventing it from accessing the internet. IE works and I have no problems there.

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hi cnlbell,

Have you tried going to the General Preferences tab and verifying that google is set as you home page? I'd suggest you try setting about:home as your home page. It's a cool FF page with a google search bar. Then tell Firefox to display your home page on startup. These options are all in the General Preferences panel. Try that and let me know how it goes!

Hopefully this helps!