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Silverlight is not working in firefox 14

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I have 2 laptops at home. Both are windows 7 Both are running Firefox 14.0.1 Both have Silverlight Plug-In 5.1.10411.0 enabled. But the webpage I am trying to view only works on one laptop and not the other. when I right mouse click the webpage it has a silverlight box I can select and it opens the silverlight configuration. These setting are identical on both laptops

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Update to Firefox 15.0.1.

Then, test again. If you are still having trouble, Reset Firefox. Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings

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This completely worked! I've been working on this problem for hours and hours. Called Netflix and they said it was a Silverlight problem. Called Silverlight and they wanted $99 plus some government fee to help me fix it. Silverlight was working on IE but not Firefox. And I prefer Firefox. After doing the reset I can now watch Netflix again. I was excited enough about this to even create an account on Mozilla, just so I could post this reply.