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Default browser setting with redirected folders on server 2008 R2

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Hey Guys,

How can I configure firefox to be the default browser on a windows 2008 R2 server with user cached profiles being deleted when loging off and redirected folders turned on?

The server is configured through GPO to delete chached copies of the users profile when logging off therefore any customized settings for the user are removed everytime the user logs off and on again which means that when the user logs back on they will be prompted again with the question on if they want firefox to be the default browser

I have tried using group policy prefereces to make changes to the registry everytime the user logs in to set firefox as the default browser but this hasnt worked.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Why do you have to use cached copies of the profiles? Why not use the profiles on the user's own computer?

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forgot to mention that the server is a remote desktop server and therefore users do not use their local desktops but instead work off the server.

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There are several ways of setting the default browser mentioned here:

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We've got the same Problem in a similar scenario. Terminalserver W2k8R2 with roaming Profiles (RDS Profiles). Folderredirection for AppData to the HomeDrive (now disabled and pushed back to the local Profile dir for testing purpose), cleaning up of cached local Profiles after logoof via GPO (now disabled for testing purpose). None of the methods descriped in the above posted link works for us. After a User loggs-off he/she is again asked after login if FireFox shall be set as the default Browser. At which specific point in registry is the default browser set?

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