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Ff crashes unless I open via (of all programs) Microsoft Live Messenger, then it works perfectly. What should I do?

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Its weird, I also found another program not working now, a canon program for photo editing. So it might be a Windowsproblem. I just don't see, why it should work by opening a link in MLM.

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Maybe a problem with multiple versions of some DLLs installed on the computer.

If you have started MLM then the correct DLL is loaded and in other cases a wrong DLL that causes crashes.

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I've downloaded the program, but I don't know what to do next, because there are too many file/threads/keys to compare. So the problem is not solved. I have removed firefox (with user details) and installed it again, but this didnt help.

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How soon does Firefox crash when you start it directly? Is there an error message?

If you have a program control feature in your security software / firewall, you might want to remove any existing rules for Firefox and have the software prompt you for permission again. This article has some useful background on this: Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet. (The reason I suggest this is if Firefox works as a "child" task of another program, that could indicate it is bypassing some firewall rules that way.)