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i have an Android triumph...my soon to be ex husband has download im sure viruses or bugs whatever you want to call them can firefox detect andremovethe

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i can't send or recieve mms messages i cant open certain apps on my phone in my contacts the little Android sign that appears next to contacts without pictures are upside down i get error messages for web pages that if i go to my computer load right up but won't open or load on my phone....fir awhile my phone wasnt even letting me download firefox,then when it did download i couldn't open it other apps do the same.....help

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Sorry, Firefox cannot help you remove malware or fix problems with your phone. You can try doing a "factory data reset" using the Settings app on your phone to remove all apps and data. (Look in the "Storage" or "Backup and reset" section of the settings.) Please contact your phone vendor if you have more questions.

Note: The android icon next to contacts is always rotated randomly; this is normal.