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Web pages display a comic looking font in Firefox 12. Help.

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I upgraded to Firefox 12 and the browser font in Firefox and the body copy font in web sites looks like a comic font. I tried changing fonts in preferences, the theme font and style changer plugin, but it doesn't fix that. I logged in to subscription sites and it is the same comic font there too. I tried safari and everything is normal. I'm on a current mac. Thanks.

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Hi ho1234,

Please start firefox in safe mode by following the instructions here: Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode

Do you still get the same problem?

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Thank you eddyc, I restarted in safe mode by holding down the option key and starting up Firefox; then chose the continue in safe mode button. Firefox still loaded the menu and body copy fonts in a comic style. I've attached a screen shot as an example. It turns into this font on web sites, on web mail, making it very difficult to read, and everyplace else that is text. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Ok. Thanks for the screenshot. That helps a lot.

Please have a look at this article: Change the fonts and colors websites use

What is the default Font shown in your version? Hopefully it is as simple as changing it back to Times New Roman.

Post back if not.

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You can do a check for corrupted and duplicate fonts and other font issues:

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Yes, I've played with this several times. I've attached another screen cap to show what I have selected.

Thanks for joining in cor-el. I have tried changing to other fonts, that worked just fine only yesterday before upgrading Firefox.

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Did cor-el's links help? Or were you unable to find the font issue?

Also it might be worth trying an update to the Firefox 13 beta.