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Firefox 12 has become the slowest browser for loading web pages. Is there any solution?

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I have been using Firefox as my default browser for years. However, beginning with FF11 and continuing with FF12, it has become so slow to load web pages that it has become virtually unusable. IE, Opera and Chrome are all must faster. If anyone knows a fix, I'd love to hear about it.

I live in rural Texas and admittedly my ISP isn't the fastest "high speed" in the world - 1.5-2.0mbps, but other browsers can handle this OK. Not Firefox.

I've tried disabling ALL add-on's and extensions. I've taken FF down to bare bones - no tabs, no whistles or bells - and still it's painfully slow. I ever replaced my router - no help. I've tried clearing the cache, adjusting settings, even run "Speed Up My Firefox" software. Nothing seems to help.

This is clearly a Firefox issue. I would love to go back to Firefox, but I just don't have the patience to wait while it takes its own good time loading web pages.

Any ideas?


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I've edited this post to delete some questionable information and keep only what I'm sure works for me.

The network.http.keep-alive setting to false seems to provide the biggest improvement, but I think setting network.http..max-connections to 64 may have helped a little in my case, since I have a fairly slow "high speed" connection

I've also re-installed FF12 with these changes, and the issue seems to be resolved.

For now, this seems to have resolved my issues. If things start going downhill, I'll be back.

Thanks to everyone for all the help and suggestions.

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Sorry eddyc - I intended to include the web site, but I guess I overlooked it. Here it is:


Изменено cor-el

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I would strongly advice not to make the changes that are proposed in that article.

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Firefox often works well on the default settings. It would be interesting to discover the reasons if some groups of users are finding it necessary to adjust defaults to get acceptable performance.

Possibly you have discovered

And may be interested in

finitarry has already mentioned http://kb.mozillazine.org/Network.http.max-connections and changes to the defaults of that did cause Windows problems not long ago.

Изменено John99

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Cor-el - I ran into problems accessing my Google account (I have another thread on this issue) so I did a reset of all values back to the factory default. Then I set the network.http.keep-alive to false and lowered my network.http.max-connections to 64. That still didn't fix the problem with my Google account, so I removed FF 13 Beta and re-installed FF12 with the above config modifications. That seems to have FF12 running just fine, and I can once again access my Google account.

Think I'll leave well enough alone for the time being.

Thanks to everyone for you help, assistance and support.


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thanks for reporting back & offering your findings. it would also be interesting to know what kind of network configuration / router you are using.

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It's a home network using a Netgear WNDR3800 router (factory default setting) with both wired and wireless connections. I have one desktop & a Dish Network DVR connected by cable and two laptops, an Xbox 360 & a couple of cell phones connected to the wireless side. All computers are running Windows 7. And the problems seem to be with the wireless laptops rather than the wired desktop.

I live in rural Texas so my ISP provides service wirelessly from town about 8 miles away. Speeds are slow by broadband standards - 1.5 to 2.0 Mbps.

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tlstrieg, What happened to running the Firefox 13 beta? Did you decide not to try running it anymore or did it not work out for you?

I tried the keep-alive setting to false and max-connections to 64 on our test machine this morning and it's still very slow with Firefox 12, so those suggestions don't work for us. Tech department guy is determined he's going to figure out what the problem is but he still hasn't figured it out and he said he's spent quite a bit of his own personal time on it.

I haven't tried Firefox 13 beta....how did it work for you?

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I ran into problems accessing my Google account with FF 13 Beta. The details can be found on this thread:


Because of those problems, and the fact that I was able to resolve my issues with FF 12, I've decided to uninstall FF 13 Beta and re-install FF12 for now. I'll probable try FF13Beta later when I have more time to troubleshoot it.

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I just turned off the HARDWARE ACCELERATION on both Firefox settings and the computer's display and solved a couple of problems with slow typing on Twitter and slow Kodak album loading. Everything else was fine. My video is a newer external graphics card ( On-board graphics not working) but older analog monitor. It was a hodge-poge I picked out of a computer graveyard at my old company

All web pages, especially with lots of thumbnails, are loading faster than before. If you want to try either then both it might make even more improvement. If nothing changes you can put it back where it was.

It also solved the problems I abandoned IE8 for. Just as a test, I ran both IE8 and FF 9.0.1 together with no problems. FF is still better for me than IE8

Just a suggestion

Изменено Mike

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Thanks for the suggestions MilkeWilson. I keep hardware acceleration turned off on FireFox, but apparently I don't have the option to do so on my graphics card. However, I have tried to adjust all the settings to maximize battery life thinking that may help speed things up a bit, although It may have the opposite effect. I've also set Wiindows display setting to maximize performance. I'll watch and see how it all works out.

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I download Firefox 13.0b6 today and tried it. Still same slow problems, might be a tad slightly faster than Firefox 12 but not by much, but still much slower than Firefox 11 :(

I couldn't log into mozilla account with Firefox 12 but that seems to be fixed with Firefox 13.0b6. I'll give it a little more time to see how this goes for my home computer but leave work computers with Firefox 11 for now until I test this some more!!

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--Solved------For Us-----

Ok, I think we've finally figured out the problem as to why Firefox 12 and 13.0b6 was so slow. It was making our fast connects like slow dial-up, very slow taking longer times reading any webpage.

After going through much of the profile files, we found that there is a urlclassifier3.sqlite file that gets created as a read-only file. It was as simple as just removing read-only attribute and now it's very fast/speedy reading webpages again. Seems all the slow problems have vanished. I think the urlclassifier files has something to do with the Firefox security settings for cache file and the read-only on the file caused Firefox not to be able to write to the file and causing it to keep trying and causing the slow down delays.

Maybe this isn't Firefox fault, could be Windows making it a read-only? Just happy to finally get this solved here! Nice to have Firefox speed again!! Thank Goodness we figured it out..... was driving us crazy! Might want to give this a try if you find it's making it a read-only file. Good luck.

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hello, glad you could find the cause of the problem & thanks for reporting back - maybe your findings will help other (enterprise) users with similar symptoms (normally no files in the profile folder & local up data should be set to read-only for firefox to work correctly!).

the urlclassifier3.sqlite file stores the sites for the anti-phishing/malware filter that it is built-into firefox and updated in regular intervals & visited webpages are checked against...

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Thanks...... and thank you for explaining it, that would explain why it always needs access writes to the file! We have it running fast on several computers today, but it's looking like it may be a Microsoft Windows issue here doing it.

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tlstrieg, I was having some problems only signing in to Google accounts with Firefox 13b6 and 13b7. I discovered it is the SPDY feature that is enabled by default in Firefox 13 was the problem. You have to disable SPDY by changing network.http.spdy.enabled to false in about:config. Once I turned SPDY off it logs into Google accounts fine. I guess Google doesn't like the SPDY feature. You might want to give that a try and see if you can't log in to your Google Calendar account. It's disabled by default in Firefox 12. Good Luck.

Изменено a40098

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Thanks a40098. That fixed the Google login issue.

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Firefox 13 has pretty significant performance improvements. Please update to the latest release version to see if this helps. Since this thread is 12 specific, I am going to lock it.

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