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What is the keyboard shortcut to open Options window?

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This shortcut used to be Alt+O (Windows), but this is not working anymore! There is no listing of this shortcut even in the FF shortcut help page. Am not able to set it also. How to enable it back?

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There has never been a shortcut in Firefox to open the Option windows.
If you had such a keyboard shortcut in the past then is had been added by an extension that possibly added a toolbar button as well.

You can use Alt+T to open the Tools menu and then press O (you can keep Alt pressed) to open the Options window.

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Thanks for your reply. I believe I was using Alt+T+O only earlier, but with the toolbar being hidden in the new versions of FF, I have forgotten the in-between key "T"! Thanks for reminding me of it.

Still, I feel it would be a good idea to have a direct shortcut for Options window. Dont you think so? I have seen F2 key being the settings key in many apps for settings.

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A possibility is to create a custom button and use this command to open the Options window.

  • openPreferences();