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Just started getting "Firefox no longer supports your operating system version..." I don't care. How do I turn off this message?

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Just started after the last update

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What the messages are trying to tell you is that Firefox 12 is the last version of Firefox that will run on Windows 2000, Firefox 13 won't even run. Firefox no longer works with Windows 2000. You will probably see the message twice, then no more.

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I have seen it for the last 3 days, multiple times. Any other thoughts?

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Try going into Tools, Options, Advanced, then Update. Set Firefox to never check for updates. Also, try setting your home page to something other than the Firefox default (which is about:home)

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Did both. Still received the message.

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Hello ksyrah,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Firefox and I believe that to stop the update pop-ups, you need to play around with the advanced configurations that can be accessed by entering about:config in your search bar. You will then need to modify the app.update values until it does what you want it to do. I am not sure exactly which one to modify but my guess is that you need to set app.update.enabled to false. If that doesn't do it, setting app.update.auto to false might. Please be aware that while this might prevent Firefox from creating additional dialogs regarding the updates available, it will no longer allow you to upgrade Firefox automatically, so you will need to either change the values again or reinstall Firefox manually.

I hope this could help and I would like to thank you for being patient and would appreciate if you could mark this answer as solution if it helped you. Have a great day and surf safe!

Изменено Tristan C.

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How about Mozilla pushes a 12.1 update to turn the nag screen off. That could work.

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While there is going to be a update for SeaMonkey 2.9.1 and Thunderbird 12.0.1 in relation to email stuff. There is no Firefox 12.0.1 planned yet.

Изменено James

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Is this "nag screen" a popup, a webpage, or a dialog? Could someone post a screenshot please?

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I recently decided to stop mouse over poop-up ads and it turns out that the same solution works for this annoying insistence by mozilla that I obey their decree.

edit the hosts file located in the directory - c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

add the line " support.mozilla.org"

save file and reopen firefox. to gain access to support you edit the file again and put the # hastag at start of the line

It works awesome! not only does it stop the annoying cycle of minor upgrades that I don't really want because firefox now runs noticeably slower than it used to ... but it completely stops the nagware screen demanding that I start using windows7. By the way, blocking all those scroll-over pop-up ads? without uninstalling java? http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm

Изменено rritt

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I've started Firefox in Windows 2000 compatibility mode under Wine and got the Software Update window after a short time.

I see this pref on the about:config page: extensions.firefox-hotfix.unsupportedOSLastPrompt

Seems to be related to this extension: Firefox Notification Hotfix 20120430.01:

You can try to disable or remove that extension on the Tools > Add-ons > Extensions page.

Изменено cor-el

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Yes, disabling the Firefox Notification Hotfix extension seems to stop this unwanted "feature".

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I overwrote Firefox 12 with Firefox 3.6.28 and the popup stopped. I notice that it doesn't have the Firefox Notification Hotfix extension, so maybe this is what did it.

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Thanks, rritt for the info about the hosts file. I'm going to try your suggestion and hope I get less popups - wouldn't that be nice!!