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When I select "Pair a device" why do I get another pairing code instead of a box to enter the code I already got on my mobile?

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I'm trying to set up Firefox Sync between my Android and my desktop(Windows 7). When I select "Pair a device"(on the home screen on the desktop system) I just get another screen with a code like the one I got on my phone already(no, the codes don't match). I've tried this several times and the results are always the same.

I'm using Firefox version 10.0.2 on the desktop(and I think that's what it is on my phone as well), and my phone is a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

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This is certainly unusual. I'm trying to replicate it and I'm completely unsuccesful.

Are you using the steps described in this article? Use Sync to share your Firefox bookmarks, passwords and more with Firefox for mobile

Are you clicking the "Pair a device" link at the bottom of the "about:home" page? (i.e. type "about:home" in your address bar)

I will suggest you another process but I'm curious why you are hitting on this roadblock.