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Download Dialogue Box Won't Close

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Sometimes when I am downloading transactions through my financial software (Quicken) the Download Dialog box refuses to close, even though I've set it to do so at the end of a download.

I found an article in the FF Help Database by using the search phrase "Hang downloading files" that says to either clear the downloads list/downloads history via the Tools pulldown or if that doesn't work, to delete the downloads.sqlite folder in my Profile. Well, I've had to delete the downloads.squlite folder several times, because after the intial removal of the file, the problem comes back.

This problem has plagued me through 3 upgrades of FF from version 9 through to the present version of 10.0.2.

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A possible reason could be the antivirus scanning happening in the background after the downloading has finished and Firefox writes to disk the final file. Please also check if this happens in a new profile though this may not be helpful if antivirus scanning is an issue.