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On one website I go to for work, it says connection reset while page was loading. I was trying to change the permissions for this website but it doesn't even show up in my permission list. Help please. I need this website for work.

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I have contacted this website tech support and they say this issue is on my end. On certain pages on their web site I try go to it will say connection reset. Connection reset while page was loading. I was trying to do anything and everything I can to make sure firefox is allowing access to all pages on this website. I use this website for work I do.

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The "The connection was reset" error message can be caused by a bug fix for the BEAST (Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS) attack that the server doesn't handle.

See comment 60 in this bug report for workaround, but be aware that this makes you vulnerable to that BEAST attack.

  • bug 702111 - Servers intolerant to 1/n-1 record splitting. "The connection was reset"