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How do I access cached websites?

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I need to see the cached websites stored on my computer, as I am having a problem with a retailer who has changed its website in response to a concern I had, and is now claiming it was never as I recall seeing it. How do I gain access to these cached sites?

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You probably can't. Once you visit the site and see the new appearance then you replace the old version in the cache with the new version. You can try to see if Google has a cached version of that page (prefix the link with cache:).

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Since I used my laptop and not my desktop for the initial viewing, I was very careful not to re-click this link in Firefox history while being in "online" mode. I switched to offline mode, but received :"Firefox is currently in offline mode and can't browse the Web". That's what makes me believe that maybe it's still cached on the computer somewhere. BTW, the Google cache didn't work, but thanks.

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If Firefox can't display those pages in offline mode then they may not have been cached or some files are missing.

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Try using the archive.org. It often has a lot of copies of pages, especially on Sites that are used a lot.