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I have downloaded 15 versions of Firefox this week - 8 were on Wednesday. Why can't I get the latest version the first time I download instead of having to download each change even though you make 8 changes in one day. This is getting tiresome.!!!!!

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When I first pull up Firefox it often says I'm not using the latest version. I go to the download page and start the download. Then when its completed and the start page comes up it usually says I don't have the latest version. I went through 8 downloads on Wednesday January 4 before I got the latest. Why didn't I get the latest version the first time I downloaded.?

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Firefox 9.0.1 is the latest release version.

Which page do you have set as your Homepage or Start Page?

This - http://www.google.com/firefox - is the old Firefox Start Page used by the Firefox 3.6 and earlier versions of Firefox. Not being maintained by Google and it shows all versions of Firefox as needing to be updated, even pre-release tester versions that are months away from being released to the public at large.

Starting with the Firefox 4 version, Firefox is using a "local" Start Page with the address of about:home. It looks similar to the old Start Page, but it isn't exactly the same.

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What version were you using before the 15 Firefox downloads?

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I was using 9.0.1 (3). I updated (4) and (5) on Sunday which gave me the latest. I updated (6) and (7) on Monday. Then on Wednesday I downloaded (8) through (15) then on Thursday (16) through (18). My point is why do the updates need to be downloaded in order. Why can't I get the latest version on one download?

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This happens to me, too. I think Mozilla has a bug! I don't believe they issue update after update several times in one day. Sorry I don't have the answer.; just moral support.

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There is no 9.0.1(3) or any other (#) - just 9.0.1 - period. Those (#)'s indicate that you probably have 16 different Firefox 9.0.1 installations in Program Files now.

"When I first pull up Firefox it often says I'm not using the latest version."

Which web page is saying that you don't have the latest version of Firefox, or that Firefox needs an update?

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How many pages are there for Firefox Start page ? I've only seen one. When I start Firefox the page comes up and under the Google box is this phrase:

You're not on the latest version of Firefox. Upgrade today to get the best of the Web!

About Mozilla - Firefox Support

If there's another place to load Firefox, please tell me about it!!!

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The new Firefox start page is about:home

The http://www.google.com/firefox was a old start homepage used in Firefox 3.6.* and earlier and is no longer maintained by Google as they really should remove that message below search box. Either ignore this message or change your homepage to a regular Google page or something else.

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