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Downloaded Adobe flash player to Firefox 8.0.1 on Win7 Pro 64 bit system, but certains wont play and Firefox hangs.

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Had problem after installing Flash Player Works with 64 bit IE 9, but began to have trouble with Firefox. Previously never had a problem with Firefox. Some sites are O.K. but most will hang Firefox when I try to run a video.

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Firefox on Windows is 32-bit. From what I've heard, 64-bit Flash recently took some architectural changes which may have impacted some compatibility with 32-bit browsers.

You can download an experimental 64-bit (English only) version of Firefox from our FTP site.

Note: This is a "nightly" which means that you'll get updates every day and it may be a little unstable.

Alternatively, go to adobe.com and download the 32-bit version of Flash. Then, uninstall the 64-bit version and replace with the 32-bit one. (It should work almost identically to the 64-bit version.)

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Tried the 32 bit does not let you use foxtabs so I put 10.1 back on the Plugin web site say 10.1 is vulnerable to problems so will have to use IE when need the updated Flash player 11.1

Just Waiting for the update FOXFIRE to work with 11.1 Flash Player