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Why has Flash Player started nagging with permission request popups?

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Over the last week or so, whenever a video box appears on a site, Adobe Flash Player has a Settings popup appear. Why is this suddenly happening? It was never a problem before.

I don't want information stored anywhere, so I click "Deny," but the message keeps popping up.

I upgraded to Flash Player 11 but it hasn't made a difference.

I went to the Website Storage Settings panel and chose "None" and "Never Ask Again" but it makes no difference. The settings popup still appears, and when I return to the panel it has unchecked the "Never Ask Again" box.

This problem is driving me insane. I've searched the web but can find no answers. If there is a quick fix, I would be extremely grateful.

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Thanks for the quick reply. You're awesome!

This page looks new to me.

It is set to "None."

The box ""Never Ask Again" is unchecked.

The boxes are checked for "Allow third party..." and "Store common..."

Should I make any changes to this?

Thanks again.

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If you are not having problems on websites that use Flash Player now, then leave it. Otherwise make the necessary changes and check how it effects.

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I checked the box "Never Ask Again" and unchecked "Allow third party".

I left "Store common Flash components to reduce download times" checked.

Seems to have done the trick! Thanks again!

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