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How can I prevent web pages from automatically reloading, such as The Druge Report, etc.

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Several web sites I frequent automatically reload their front page whenever they want to...not when I manually refresh...interrupting streaming videos, etc. I do not want these pages to do this, only I want the ability to manually refresh a web page.

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The Drudge Report does that via a JavaScript timer.

Other sites may use similar methods or use a refresh meta tag.

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So is the answer to just disable JavaScript in the Content preferences pane?

I know very little about running Scripts. Are there any downsides to disabling JavaScript?

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Yes, many sites need JavaScript to be enabled to work properly.

This site will most likely not work and in the Knowledge Base you see the content for all Firefox versions and platforms.
So you shouldn't disable JavaScript globally, but you can do that selectively on a specific tab or based on websites.

You can block and allow scripts selectively for websites with an extension like NoScript or YesScript.

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I believe that enabling this setting in about:config will prevent automatic refresh:

accessibility.blockautorefresh - set it to true