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How can I set the cache in version 6 to the same format as 3.5's - a single folder without branches?

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Version 3.5 of Firefox featured a cache that kept all files in a single folder, which allowed for easy selection and download of multimedia and other content in webpages. However, version 6.0.2 organises its' cache into a maze of folders, making finding the correct content difficult. Is there a method or planned feature that allows you to use 3.5's cache system, as opposed to 6.0.2's?

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No, the cache works the way the cache works.

Try using about:cache to help find what you're looking for in the cache, or try one of these add-ons.


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I've tried about:cache and the latter add-on, but they're very difficult methods compared to just browsing a folder. So far, I can only find images easily. Is there another method?

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You can do a search for all files *.* in the cache folder with a File Manager to get all files in one window.

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I tried that, but no results appear. After testing further, it would appear that searching does not work for the files in cache for some reason.

If the cache is set up as it is currently for performance reasons, I personally would be more than willing to take the hit to use the cache as I once could.

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