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setting home page


Both FF and OPERA use the same GOOGLE as my home page. The issue is that FF uses G WITH the new BLACK bar at the top. OPERA uses G WITHOUT the black bat. In addition the G sent from GOOGLE is the UK version, NOT the US version. Also the US version WILL NOT set up as my home page. After a time it reverts to GOOGLE.IT. From italy? I need to set up the US version WITH black bar. Is the issue with GOOGLE? How do I do this?

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This applies to ONLY OPERA NOT FF. Help please. reeltoreelguy@gmail.com

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Usually if Google loads a country-specific page, there is a link in the lower right corner to use the .com site. Not sure that will get you the black bar, but it should at least get you out of Italy!


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JS--- Thanks for the insight. When I opened OPERA just now, IGOOGLE appeared as "HOME". I reset it to GOOGLE.com. "OLD" or previous home page appeared. NO black bar but at least it was what appeared with my previous OPERA which was version 11.11. Newest is 11.50. I think the BLACK bar was removed by GOOGLE after many complaints by other users. I have seen many postings as to how to REVERT BLACK to WHITE. Unlike other users I LIKE the BLACK. But at least things are back to what I recognize. I DID see the GOOGLE.uk link in purple where you said it should be. That to uses the OLD white bar. .IT uses black. Why the difference is beyond me. Its bad enough that the LOGO changes almost everyday.