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I cannot open my comcast mail since they changed their opening page for inboxes

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I have always been able to access my Comcast email inbox UNTIL Comcast changed their opening page for email. When they changed their opening page, it now shows just a portion of your new email and you have to click on "View Entire Inbox" to actually read your mail. I can navigate to this page, but when I click on "View Entire Inbox" it simply gives me the exact same page and will not allow me to view my entire inbox. I phoned Comcast and they said it is an issue with Mozilla. I can still view my email via Safari. Any ideas? I miss Mozilla! I hate Safari!

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Yeah, Comcast didn't bother testing that new interface properly with Firefox, so it is a "Mozilla problem". They did the same thing two years ago with the last major re-design of their web mail interface, but they fixed it a little faster then.

The Xfinity Connect Lite interface works properly in Firefox 6.0, so you need to open Preferences > General near the top of that page and switch to the Connect Lite version. See the screenshot below.