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Just downloaded firefox 6 and my system isn't happy. How can I rollback to firefox 5?

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Websites are either slow in loading or not loading at all. I am running windows xp.

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Same problem with Windows Vista.

Reloading a few times when it hangs seems to work - but not fun.

Updating this post 8/19 - I downgraded back to FF5.01 and all is well.

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I confirm this problem too. I'm on Windows 7 x64. Used to use FF5 and now most pages will take too much time to load. Had to move to Chrome :p. Hope this gets fixed soon!

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choose the version you want to roll back to, download and reinstall

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Hey there, if Firefox is slow for you, please try this article: Quick fixes if your Firefox slows down

If you need to go back to an old version, please use this page: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-older.html

Going back to Firefox 4 or later is *NOT* recommended. Those versions have very dangerous security issues and make your computer prone to attacks by malware, even if you are using an anti-virus application

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Since updating to 6. some pages are very slow or do not load at all. All my plug in's are enabled and the cache cleared. About to go to Chrome or IE. I am running XP with 4 G of RAM.

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All I see is a long list of version folders with different contents, no idea which file to download and reinstall to get back to Firefox 5.01. Any chance you could give some more precise instructions to a "user"?



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Have the same problem as well. I've uninstalled and reinstalled firefox twice. Not a solution. Has anyone come up with a reliable solution? This only happens on my desktop, not my laptop.

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And when the question is about firefox 6 being rolled back how exactly does a list of links for every language on the planet and all about firefox 3.x.x help?

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I have Firefox 3.6.10 on my laptop under Windows 7 and performance is fine. I have Firefox 6.02 on my desktop under Vista and it now sucks. I can't even stream anything anymore on it. I'd like to roll back to what I think was 5.x on my desktop when everything worked. I'm forced to now use Chrome (I refuse to use Explorer) until it gets fixed. Please help!