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Computer has crash,need someone t help-. can't get anything on screen

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My computer went out Friday, telling me it is due to firefox crashing. I can get absolutely nothing on my screen. I need my computer for work as well as personal, I need it restored yesterday. I did all that appeared in the pop ups, sent all the reports, etc. Nothing. Will someone please call me to guide me in the restoring of my computer. I'm at XX awaiting your call. Cannot give crash ID A#, can't get into the computer

                                               Stanley J Moore

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Until you get the computer working you will not be able to sort out Firefox.

When you do get the computer working you will be able to attempt to get crash IDs. You can use another browser if necessary to obtain crash IDs

As for sorting out the computer problems, that is not really on topic for this site, and what you need to do will depend on your OS. You may have safe mode type startup options on the computer.