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How do I get firefox mobile to fill passwords?

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My sync seems to be working (I see bookmarks) but pages with logins don't autofill on Android (Samsung Epic).

One website autofilled the password after I entered the username, but others don't fill anything.

Should they auto-fill or do I need to select/do something to fill? Does it matter if my desktop Firefox has multiple username/password combos for a page?

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Some pages disable the auto fill capabilities of Firefox notably Yahoo and MS Live/Hotmail. If you can tell us specific pages you are having problems with we can take a look and see if there is anything that can be done.

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So far I've only found one website that autofilled the password after I manually entered the username. Otherwise I can't find any websites that autofill on Android - and they all do on desktop. Should they just fill when they load or do I need to do something?

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Working much better with today's update. Unfortunately one of my most common sites still doesn't work but it behaves a little oddly on the desktop too. They are IE-centric. http://flica.net I have contacts there if anyone sees any obvious issues I can pass on to them.

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They specify in the code not to remember usernames and passwords.

line 306, 319, and 467 autocomplete="off"