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How do I restrict access so users can only visit certain sites?

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At work we are setting up a laptop in order to do only one thing - use one particular website. I'd like to make sure nobody can visit any other sites.

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There really isn't any fool proof way to do this. There are Firefox addons that can accomplish this but there are possible ways to get around it. If the possibility of getting around it isn't a problem then...

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I guess people will always get around it, but something to make it not so easy or obvious would be cool.

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Your secure computer has a piece of unpleasant software - My Web Search. Remove any signs of it in Add-ons>Extensions and Plug-ins. Also check in Add/Remove Programs(Programs and Features in Win7). Also make sure you don't have any entries for Fun Web Products.

You are showing Fx3.5.8. If that is so, it is high time you updated. Chances are, though, that My Web Search has frozen your User Agent String.

Google for further information but don't accept advice from people behind these products. You can also look in the Search Firefox Help box above.

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