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how to remove internet download manager from Firefox

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Whatever you do DON'T install internet download manager, this software may not be a virus but it is virus like. It completel takes over your PC. Within 2 minutes of install it launched a windows explorer session that was taking up 55% of system resouces on a very powerful PC with loads of memory and turned the PC into an 8088 based IBM PC (showing my age).

I terminated it from Start manager and got enough resources (just) to run control panel to uninstall this think. However it is a nasty critter, it is still embedded in Firefox but launches errors every time there is a potential file to download and it does it a lot.

There is not uninstall option, just a disable, but when you restart Firefox it still says it will be disabled after reboot (done 3 times now).

So it is a system restore or open heart surgery on Firefox.

Can anyone give me any idea how to get rid of this AWFUL software.

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If you haven't cleared this yet, can you try something?

Open Help > Troubleshooting information.

In the first table, where it says Profile Directory click the "Open Containing Folder" button. After Windows Explorer opens to that folder, double-click extensions. Then switch back to Firefox (leaving the folder open).

In the second table, look for the IDM add-on. When you find it, select the ID with your mouse since you will need to refer back to this. Note the first three characters of the ID.

Return to the other window and see whether you can find either a matching folder or a matching .xpi file (which may have a zip file icon). That's the one you want to delete.

The next time you restart Firefox, the add-ons list should update and IDM should drop off.

Any luck?