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Is IDM cc 7.2.8 the plugin/extension thats needed for Internet Download Manager for the Mozilla Browser family? Do i need it if i've removed IDM?

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I had the Internet Download Manager and I also removed it today. I removed and reset a bunch of things cuz my system was hardly working and hardly letting me do anything. I am happy with the downloader i had to begin with but my question is: IDM cc 7.2.8 is an active addon for my sea monkey browser/probably firefox also, but... is IDM cc 7.2.8 the plugin/extension/addon for Internet Download Manager thats needed for Mozilla Browsers.?

Or is it the Internet Download Manager program itself,  in full? 

I would like to know so I can remove it if I dont need it because I already removed the IDM Program earlier today, and am staying with my old downloader. I am running out of free space on my system and dont want any extras that arent needed taking up the space thats still available. If I dont need this add-on because I dont have IDM, Please let me know.

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Hello, As a user of Internet Download Manager, I can confirm that 'IDM cc 7.2.8' is connected with IDM. Therefore, if you have uninstalled Internet Download Manager, you no longer need 'IDM cc 7.28'

Hope that helps.