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FireFox won't start after upgrading

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This morning I upgraded to FireFox 5.0, when it was done installing the upgrade the last window had the option to start FireFox on completion, I left this option checked but after clicking the "Finish" button nothing happened so I clicked the new FF icon on my desktop. Still nothing. I opened Task Manager and nothing was listed on the "Applications" tab but when I clicked on the "Processes" tab there were several instances of FF running so I selected each one and clicked the "End Process" button which worked to exit all but one of them. No matter what I tried it would not terminate that one instance of FF so I shut down the computer. After firing up the computer I tried re-running the FF install app but it kept telling me that I had to exit FF before it could run, I looked in Windows Task Manager again and there was FF listed under "Processes". I restarted the computer to get rid of the running FF and then downloaded the FF file again, but am getting the same results. It just won't start (and it won't even give an error message)! I surfed the Web and found info stating that you could SHIFT click the FF icon to open it in Safe Mode, but that didn't happen either. Any ideas????