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New windows open with different toolbars (and missing URL bar)

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When I select the "New Window" button or "Open in New Window" from the context menu, a new Firefox window opens - however, the toolbars are completely different from the original open window. Specifically, the URL location bar is missing.

I can add it back, but the change then modifies my original toolbar setup.

More bad behavior: Even if I modify the new window back to the way I wanted it, new windows opened from that window revert back to the modified version, with no location toolbar.

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I think your problem is Corrupt localstore.rdf -- take a picture of your toolbars so you'll know how you want them to look after you get rid of your localstore.rdf when Firefox is down, Firefox will create a new one when it starts, which you will have to customize.

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Didn't work. Also, that bug is listed as being fixed back in Version 2.something.

Tried deleting the file. Then created new profile. Deleted the file again. Same problem.

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You can try:

Start Firefox in Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).

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Problem solved!

I went through and one-by-one tested the add-ons. Sure enough I found the culprit. It was the Shareholic extension. I disabled it and everything works fine now. Too bad, I like that program.