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Navigation buttons on this website don't work with Firefox 5

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Go to www.tbg.nu Open any topic with more than 1 msg Click on "Next" or "Prev" at the top. Works fine in Firefox 4 but broken in 5.

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Looks like a problem with the code with A.click that is used. Firefox 5 supports click on more elements that previous versions.

Warning: Element referenced by ID/NAME in the global scope. Use W3C standard document.getElementById() instead. Source File: http://www.tbg.nu/news_show/165859/30 Line: 1

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I forwarded your suggestion to the webmaster of the site and the code has now been updated to use document.getElementById() but the problem remains. Do you have any other suggestions?

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It looks like Firefox doesn't navigate to the link in that A element, so it would be best to only leave the location part of the onclick code.