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I cannot remove the firefox bar code from my admin in wordpress

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my wordpress website bedbugsremedy.net has for some reason loaded the seoquake bar in the admin of the homepage. Each time I remove it - its simply reappears with the full coding on the admin page. I ahve not loaded the code inthe first place so am mystified as to why it would appear and why I cannot remove it. The result is a homepage showing a bar across the page about midway down.

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It's not only in admin view, I see it too.

What do you think about re-installing your theme, in case something edited one of the theme files? You probably should do a backup first.


Actually, if you haven't looked at your post in HTML view, you might be able to remove it there. Check there to see whether there is any kind of include above the post title or between the post title and text.

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