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What is the offline method of downloading and installing Firefox?

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I'd like to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox. The catch is, I only have a dialup connection, so online installation is not an option. It would take hours -- or even days. (And I'm charged by the minute.) Is there an offline way to install Firefox where I don't need to remain connected to the Internet? There used to be a manual download option for Firefox. That's how I obtained the version I have now. I used a public access place to download the executable file, took it home on my thumb drive, and then installed Firefox using this file. I looked around the site but couldn't find this manual download option anymore. Or am I missing something here? I'm sure there still are people like me out there. Any help would be appreciated. I'd really like to try the latest version. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Download the setup file (Firefox Setup 4.0.1.exe) from
  2. Copy that file to the other computer and run it to install Firefox.

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Question. Does the Firefox Setup 4.0.1.exe simply install Firefox or does it attempt to download additional components as part of the installation process? I guess I am asking whether an Internet connection is required to run the setup file.

Curious because I notice the Firefox Setup 4.0.1.exe is around 11MB, whereas the Mac equivalent is 26.8MB (for me at least).

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It does not download additional components, it contains all of the Firefox files.

The Mac file is much larger because it contains the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Firefox.