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I need to download the last version. It's impossible to find on the Mozilla website. I don't have all year to figure out how to get version 4 to work!

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When you do a web search asking how to download the last version of Firefox (not 4!) you get directed to the Mozilla website- but from there you cannot find the page that allows you to revert to 3.6.13.

The mess version 4 has caused is irresponsible and unacceptable- it even affected my Explorer browser- so I can't just give up on Mozilla dn go to a web browser that works- it trashed both!

I can only access my own webpage from my Mac laptop where I was lucky enough NOT to have downloaded version 4.

WHERE is the website for getting 3.6.13?!!

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Hello. I felt the same frustration a couple of weeks ago- after downloading what was supp.-to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. So I opted for FF 3.6 at, at least until I could decipher FF4 - which I still have not! As I recall, I simply Googled : Firefox 3.6 or Firefox 3.6 version downloads and a link for that version was listed.

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Thanks for responding; that in itself is helpful.

I did find a download site and reverted to 3.6.17. However, the problem I was having got transferred to the old version! I then went to Chrome and had the same problem (Explorer too). Whatever version 4 did, it affected all PC browsers. I cannot get my own website to open!