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How to view all add-ons in a category at the Firefox add-ons section

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When I browse for add-ons within a chosen category, only a few special-featured add-ons appear. Below this are samples of "top rated" "new" etc. add-ons in ALL categories and these have a "browse all top rated" or "...all new" but I can find no option to browse all add-ons in the CHOSEN CATEGORY...how can I get to the pages of allo add-ons within the chosen category and not just the special featured ones???

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Wow, I didn't notice that change because I usually search for addons. It seems that every time they update the Addons website immediately before a Firefox major version release, they remove some important or useful function. Looks like Mozilla managed to screw it up worse than it was before.

The support forum for that part of the Mozilla websites is here: