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Firefox 4 seems to have a memory leak.

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I have used Firefox 3.x for some time on a XP machine. Never any problems. It is a machine that I keep running for weeks on end without rebooting. It is a workstation but rather old.

After upgrading to Firefox 4 I get problems with memory. The machine has 2Gb of RAM. I have four tabs open in FF4, about the same as I usually have had in the past. Two of them are now pinned.

When I reboot Firefox it take about 90Mb. But after half a day that is up to 400Mb. I open and close tabs during the day. After another reboot cycle memory usage is again down.

Looks like a memory leak.

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You may note Firefox 4 is no longer supported, you should be using Firefox 5.

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John... please try to keep up. Read the thread/postings.

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No need to keep up with this thread, just reminding users of firefox 4 that it is not supported as for instance shown on http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/4.0/whatsnew/

I know some of you are sticking with 3.6 for now. Although the developers are currently working on Firefox 8. And Firefox 7 is on the Aurora channel.

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You're missing most of the conversation, and it shows. But then, you didn't think FF4 had a memory leak either. I have to say you're consistent.

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