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FF4 duplicates and triples my open tabs by itself, and i cant close them

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Problem started after installing FF4RC. FF duplicated and sometimes tripled my open tabs, so that i will have same URL open several times. Clicking on such a tab did not make it the active tab, and there was no way to close it. Reinstall FF didnt help. Installing the new FF4 didnt help either. problem still remained. Randomly, tabs are being open. The only way to get rid of then is to close FF, reopen, and then they i get the option to close those tabs i had no access to before.

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Ok. Problem solved. After disabling 'Bar Tab' add on that i had , the problem stopped. I have found out the FF4 doesnt need this extension, as it automatically manage the tabs load to the Ram, and puts tabs you are not watching (yet are open) in the background). The default is 3 tabs. To get even faster FF, look here - http://www.techtip.org/speedup-your-browsing-with-firefox-4-bartab/