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If I upgrade to FF 4 will I be able to keep my bookmarks and add-ons I have installed so far?

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I saw that new FF 4 came out so I wanted to upgrade to it. But wanted to know if my installed add-ons on 3.6 will be usable in FF 4. Also, should I make a back-up copy of bookmarks or will they be passed on to newer version? If add-ons don't transfer what is the average time in which people usually remake their add-ons to be usable in newer versions?

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I updated from 3.6 to 4 and out of 20 add-ons, 4 were incompatible with the new firefox version. It's probably a matter of time before those add-ons are updated so they'll work again.

All my bookmarks are still there, that has never been a problem the entire time i've been using firefox (since version 1), so don't worry about that.

If you want 100% certainty you could make a system restore point (if you're a windows user) before the upgrade. If something fails during the upgrade, you can then go back to the earlier state your computer was in.