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How to edit a "search engine" item?


In previous versions you could manually edit/tweak a search engine item. Where is the edit button! :P I want to edit/tweak/modify the existing search engine to search NASB instead of NIV; ...&version=NIV to ...&version=NASB. ====================

Full Example:



For the love of God, help me!

Thanks in advance for the love. :D

Изменено Glenn :D

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I tried deleting existing ~NIV and while at site with NASB selected and searched, I selected "add BibleGateway to your search engines". But it added NIV again. :(

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Do you mean searching via the (Google) search bar or via a keyword search in the location bar For the later you can modify the location of that keyword bookmark

See also:


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To my knowledge there is only one place in FireFox where "Search Engines" are used; the "search" item/feature within FireFox's toolbar. Not Google anything! If it was Google I would be in the Google forum and not here. :(

Allow me to rephrase: In FireFox's toolbar item/feature "Search", how do you edit the entries, because the "Manage Search Engines" does NOT allow editing of the items in the list.

I'm going to start a new post with this more precise question.

Изменено Glenn :D

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You can add/remove/change the order of search engines in "Manage Search Engines", but I have never seen where you can edit existing ones. Here is a link to all of the biblegateway search engines that you can add:

Here is a link to the main Mycroft Project where you can do your own search:

Don't add too many, management could become unwieldy.


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As cor-el says the location bar does by default use google. If you were interested in more information regarding that you could look at

Getting back to your specific enquiry, the easiest way is

  1. click this link (as provided above by cor-el)
  2. whilst on that page using firefox click on the down arrow of the search bar
  3. you will now see an option to add the additional search engine you require whilst the NASB option is selected

I think that works.
I have not tried to investigate but possibly the site differentiates between NASB & NIV searches by means of cookies