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The website www.aimsperform.co.uk doesn't work in firefox, and I can't use IE, what can I do?

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I have searched for all the relevant information (i.e. yahoo answers who were pretty useless) but I cannot remember how to make the site show the log in box. Possible problem with the script. There was a help page for this problem but it doesn't exist now. At the moment, www.aimsperform.co.uk just shows up a blank page. I have made it work before - cant remember how. Can't use IE as I am not using windows. Help!

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There is something wrong on that page, see the Tools > Error Console:

Error: document.getElementById("bitOnline") is null Source File: http://www.aimsperform.co.uk/main.js Line: 5

There is an input with the name "bitOnline", but Firefox needs an 'id'

Try this bookmarklet via the location bar:

javascript:(function(){var e=document.getElementsByTagName('*'),i;for(i=0;E=e[i];i++){if(E.name&&!E.id)E.id=E.name;}RunClmMain();})();

You will have to press ESC to stop the page loading.

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Thanks a lot mate! You've been a great help. :)

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Ah wait one more question cor-el, after pasting the bookmarklet into the location bar - does it go after the address or something? It's not working for me (yet) :(

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You need to open the http://www.aimsperform.co.uk/ page and clear the URL and copy and paste the bookmarklet JavaScript code in the location bar to replace that URL. That should show the Flash player form. I don't know if there are more problems on other pages. You should contact that website and inform them about this issue, so they can fix it.
You can create a new bookmark and paste the JavaScript code in the location field to make it easier to get the login form.

IE will use a 'name' if the 'id' is missing, but Firefox requires an 'id' for getElementById. See https://developer.mozilla.org/En/DOM/document.getElementById

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I found an easier way to get on the Login page www.aimsperform.co.uk, go to Internet Explorer type in the website and a list of websites come up for it, go to the one that says 'Make your boss very happy and do this E-Learning thing' click on it and a Facebook page comes up and where it says 'Contact Details' click on the Aimsperform link and it takes you straight to the Login page. You don't even have to change your web browser to Internet Explorer. Hope this will be useful.

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Hi Jessiejane36 The system requrements for the Aimsperform website are as follows:-

Windows XP/2000/Windows 7, Minimum 1Mb broadband link, Internet Explorer 6, Service Pack 2 or higher, Flash v8.0.22 or higher.

Unfortunately therefore if you are not using Windows, you will be unable to access the site

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1. Use the following address:


2. After correctly entering user name and password, you will get the message 'This user is currently logged into the system...' Simply enter your date of birth in the spaces provided, and you will gain access to the courses.


For some strange reason, even though the system is Flash based and would work with any browser and operating system, the web page checks for Internet Explorer, and only builds the HTML to load the Flash if it detects it.

The solution is to build the address that web page itself constructs and use that.

I would love to know 2 things:

1. Why did this company create a login system where try to exclude non-Internet Explorer Users,

2. Why would anyone give them money for their courses, when they seem hell bent on excluding more than 50% of potential users.