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Used Firefox almost exclusively, then it stopped working. I reinstalled, find the program in Programs, but it will not load. How do I fix in Windows XP?

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Firefox will not start. It had been my default browser. I downloaded and reinstalled program running Windows XP. When I click on icon on desktop, or attempt to run from Programs, nothing happens.

Permissions did not change in the McAfee security software

This is what shows in Properties: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox File version: File size: 890 KB (912,344 bytes)

Coincidentally, Windows Messenger now attempt to start every time I try to open an Internet Browser

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The Firefox won't start - find solutions article may help.

You can try creating a new profile to see if the problem is with your current profile (the profile is where Firefox stores user data). For details on doing that see Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

If the new profile does work, you can copy selected data from the old profile, as shown in the "Suggested profile contents to transfer" section of the Transferring data to a new profile article.