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How do I copy extensions, extension settings, and about:config preferences to a new profile (different Windows login or different computer)?

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I have/had no trouble with Firefox at all. What I have is a new computer, with multiple users. I would like to use my relatively secure Firefox setup (i.e. NoScript with a LOT of configuration and site data stored, PrefBar and TabMix configuration, a bunch of custom settings in about:config) for all the user accounts on the new machine, but give users the option to change their settings afterwards (i.e. use the old profile to initialize all the new user profiles).

I understand why this is not recommended when one has Firefox issues and has to make a new profile. This is not the issue here.

I have the old profile (actually the entire Documents and Settings/<username> folder) backed up, but do not have a setup whereby I can run Firefox using this old profile.

How do I do this?

PS the computer I'm posting this from is neither the old nor the new computer in question, so the "educated guesses" section is meaningless.

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Never mind - I successfully brute-forced it in about half an hour. Renamed the profile folders and copied everything, emptied the cache, deleted the password store in all the accounts but mine, and fired up Firefox.

Works great.