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How can I uninstall and reinstall the latest upgrade if that is my problem.

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I can only get Firefox to open when I initially startup my computer. If I open the mail first, I can't get into Firefox. I can use the email while Firefox is open, but if I have closed Firefox I can't open any links in the mail messages. I have to shut down or log off and restart to get back into Firefox. It acts like something is stuck open and blocking access. The little green bar which usually indicates something is loading is solid and stationary when this happens. Also, the email message doesn't automatically close when I go to the next one, like it used to.

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You are using an old version of Firefox that's over 2 1/2 years old. Is there a reason you haven't installed a newer version, or even updated that old version?

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I downloaded and installed the latest version when I started using Mozilla and, I believe, have installed all the updates that have appeared with an "update available". Where can I check to find out what version I really have?

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You are right. I found Mozilla listed in the Control panel add/remove files. When I clicked on updates available a 3.1.4 appeared. Should I try the remove for the and the install for the 3.1.4 or must I get the 3.1.4 as a download somewhere? I also found two icons on my desktop: Foxfire problem and Foxfire problem files which contains numerous recently added files. What is the significance of these and what, if anything, should I do with them. I have not tried using the computer, except for this reply, to see if the problems have been corrected by any of the additions.